Practical Help
At Mr. Merlin Consultants we don’t believe that anything happens just by magic. We do believe however that with real honest hard work, a practical, down-to-earth approach and good old fashioned common sense magical things can happen.

Our Approach
Our approach to consulting isn’t about the latest fad, or the current, hip up to the minute fashionable idea from some fancy city think tank. We believe in a practical hands-on approach that uses those principles that are already proved to be successful.

What’s Your Problem?
Your business is successful, right? But we all know that success can bring all sort of problems of its own. You're not growing fast enough or you're growing too quickly…; Costs are rising out of sync with turnover and profits…; You’ve no time to develop that “Big New Idea”…; How do you reach new markets and expand into new areas?

What Can We Do?

Our consultants have collectively been in business for over one hundred years. We won’t say that we know all the answers but, by and large, we have “been there, done that”, or at least walked the ground before. We share this experience and knowledge with you to help you jump over those obstacles and hurdles that are holding you back and give you a decisive advantage over your competitors.

What’s On Offer?
To help you begin to visualize how Mr. Merlin can help we have grouped the kind of advice and help we offer under some simple headings. Explore our site and see how Mr. Merlin can help you transform your business opportunities.

These are of course just some of our ideas, the best way to fully understand how we can help you is to talk to us and together explore exactly what it is you need.