The World Wide Web - A World Wide Revolution
In the same way that the Sears and Roebuck catalogue of 1894 pioneered a whole new way to market and sell products, the pervasiveness of the Internet, email and the mobile phone are revolutionizing the way the whole world does business.

We Need To Be As Sophisticated As Our Customers
Internet users are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and their sophistication and expectations of web content are growing exponentially. In today’s aggressive, competitive and combative marketplace it’s no longer acceptable to not have a web presence, or not to be ‘available’ 24 hours a day. Customers however now demand an internet experience that goes beyond just “brochureware”.

A New Medium Requires New Methods
Mr. Merlin Consultants have been involved with the internet revolution since its very beginnings and have been constructing websites for a whole range of clients in a whole range of businesses, industries and markets for over twenty years. We are conscious that cyberspace is a constantly changing and rapidly evolving environment and that “being online” is now a vital part of any business’ place in the market.

More Than Just A Website
The whole of the electronic marketplace is undergoing a crucial change as previously different, individual and discrete areas are now fusing and merging as the old technical boundaries are breaking down. Music is now downloaded, swapped and traded as a mobile commodity and accessed via radios, phones and MP3 players, TV and films are now available ’on-demand’ and Newsfeeds, text messages, and social websites mean that many, many more of us are constantly connected. Today’s website needs to be aware that it may be just one aspect of a company’s electronic footprint

Turning Spam Into Jam
Everyone hates those unsolicited email that increasingly clog up our inboxes. However properly targeted email campaigns can help you enhance your relationship with your existing or previous customers and encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, sending e-mails with the specific purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately is a new weapon in the marketing arsenal which, when coupled with innovative and impact driven web design can deliver amazingly cost effective results.

Sorting Out The Information From The Noise
Mr. Merlin Consultants are there to help you make sure that you have a prime place on the cyberspace high street and that your customers important virtual relationship is as happy and as strong as the personal one you have cultivated over your whole experience with them.