What Is Management Mentoring?
Wouldn’t it be great if your junior managers (and maybe even some of your more senior staff) could have the benefit of having an experienced mentor, or guru to discuss their strategy and decisions with? That’s what Management Monitoring is all about.

Learning From Experience
Back in the good old days people learned skills from watching, learning and being guided by experienced people who themselves had evolved their skills by actually doing the job. Today we promote or hire new people without them necessarily having had all the benefits of what my old boss used to call “Sitting With Nellie”.

One to One Advice And Guidance
At Mr. Merlin we believe that modern management training courses are often too generic and general to adequately equip your staff to be totally effective in YOUR business. The last thing you need is another management trainee clone who has been stamped out by the management training sausage machine. Management mentoring means that your newly promoted staff can develop and hone their skills working in the real world.

Measuring The Cost Of Mistakes
It’s often said that that person who never made a mistake never made anything. However mistakes in business are all to often costly and sometimes even one slip can be fatal. Management mentoring is a method that enables those with less experience to hopefully eliminate some of those costly mistakes by benefiting from the experience of others.

Your Own Personal Guru
While our consultants would never claim to know it all they have gained their management experience working across a range of businesses, from multi-national blue chip companies to entrepreneurial start-up and even running their own successful businesses. We may not be Yoda but we believe that the ability to have a discrete personal sounding board is good for your managers and, ultimately good for your bottom line.